High quality single use instruments & disposable procedure packs you can trust

  • Laparoscopic Forceps
    Laparoscopic Forceps
  • Trocar and cannula
    Trocar and cannula
  • Cervical Biopsy Forceps
    Cervical Biopsy Forceps
  • Insulated Cusco with smoke extractor
    Insulated Cusco with smoke extractor
  • Iris Non Tooth Forceps
    Iris Non Tooth Forceps
  • Large  Cusco
    Large Cusco

Welcome to our website. Please take the time to navigate through and look at the different instruments we offer. 

Why choose GP Surgical Services?

Our company has a fully trained team with extensive experience with single use instruments and disposable procedure packs.

We have first hand knowledge of day to day practical challenges for GP surgeries and hospital clinics and promise to deliver our products so you get value for money yet quality you can rely on.

All our instruments are made from high grade surgical stainless steel which are packed and sterilised within the UK.

We offer surgical packs made to your own specification and deliver not only around the UK but also worldwide.

We promise to supply cost effective yet reliable single use instruments and packs.