Disposable 15cm Straight Monopolar Forceps 3M, 4mm pin 1.0mm tip



this product has 3 meter cable length, 4mm pin to machine end, straight 15cm forceps with 1.0mm tip

Diathermy entails the implementation of high-frequency electrical currents to produce heat and either make incisions or induce coagulation.

Monopolar cautery involves disposable cautery pencils and electrosurgical diathermy units. In typical monopolar cautery, an electrical plate is placed on the patient’s skin and acts as an electrode, while the current passes between the instrument and the plate. Although monopolar diathermy can interfere with implanted metal devices and pacemaker function,1 in plastic surgery the technique is more frequently deployed than is bipolar diathermy, where the current passes between the forceps tips and not through the patient. Pedal-operated monopolar diathermy forceps offer an alternative to this method. However, pedal-operated monopolar forceps are not always available. This letter briefly describes a diathermy technique we employ in our practice that involves both Adson forceps and a cautery pencil.