Disposable IUCD Pack



A single use disposable IUCD Pack with metal sound designed for use in procedures to insert intrauterine coils. The IUCD pack contains the instruments required for this procedure. All instruments are manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel. Contents are wrapped in a sterile field and supplied in an easy-to-open way.The uterine sounds are intended for probing a woman’s uterus through the cervix, to measure the length and direction of the cervical canal and uterus. Dilators are primarily used to open and dilate the cervix to gain access to the uterine cavity but can also be used as sounds.

Uterine sounding may be performed prior to embryo transfer to determine the uterine depth and how easily an embryo transfer catheter can be passed through the cervix. In this case, it may also be called a trial transfer. This reduces the risk of perforating the uterus with the IUD. This may occur when the IUD is inserted too deeply or at the wrong angle.

This pack consists of:

1 X Teale VulsellumĀ forceps curved 23 cm
1 X Rampley sponge holder forceps 24 cm
1 X Galabins uterine sound 32.5 cm
1 X Dressing towel 49X44 cm
1 x dressing towel 37 x 41cm
5 X non woven balls BP medium
1 X Polypropylene tray
1 x Gallipot60 ml
1 x Kidney Bowel
1 X Tray wrap 90X90 cm
1 X PE tissue 2 PLYB 90 X 90cm