Disposable Jeweller Bipolar Forceps 11.5cm, complete 3 M, Twin 4mm Pin 1.0 mm



Disposable Jeweller Bipolar Forceps comes with3 Metre cable length, Twin 4mm Pin to machine end, with 0.5mm Tip or 1.0 mm tip

Benefits of single-use diathermy forceps:

Save time checking insulation and cables during cleaning and before use.
The attached cable means no need to match the forcep with the correct cables.
Save on the cost of reprocessing, without the need to have forceps re-insulated or repaired.
Increase theatre efficiency by eliminating downtime as a result of cleaned and sterilised.
Same look and feel as reusable instruments.Jeweller #5 Bipolar Forcep, 3M, Twin 4mm Pin to machine end, Jeweller #5 11.5cm Length with 0.5mm Tip

Compatible with the following diathermy machines:
All generators with 4mm sockets for bipolar output