Disposable Single Use Carpal Tunnel Pack (without McPherson bioplar forceps)



Carpal tunnel decompression is a routine operation carried out under local anaesthetic as a day procedure.

This pack consists of:

2 x Medium sponge on stick 15 cm
1 x Adson tooth forceps 12cm
1 x Blade no.15
1 x Derf needle holder 12cm
1 x Cat paw retractor
1 x Weitlander retractor blunt
1 x Stevens curved tenotomy scissor
1 x McDonald dissector 19cm
1 x Barron blade handles no.3
2 x 60 ml galipots
1 x Tray large to accommodate instruments
5 x Cotton swabs x 10cm x 7.5cm
1 x Drape Fen 90x 90cm
1 x Drape 75cm x90cm
1 x Trolley cover 100x 150cm
1 x Wrap to suit