Disposable Single use Hysteroscopy Pack with Dental syringe


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Hysteroscopy is an outpatient procedure that is performed to evaluate and/or treat uterine cavity pathology. Depending on the indication for the surgery, hysteroscopy can be performed in the office with local anesthesia and pain medications or in the hospital with local, regional or general anesthesia. The best time to perform the surgery is on Day 6-12 of the menstrual cycle with Day 1 being the first day of menses or at anytime if the woman is on birth control medication.

A thin telescope (hysteroscope), ranging from 3-10mm, is attached to a light source and video camera and inserted through the vagina and cervix into the uterine cavity while instilling fluid to distend the cavity. This allows the surgeon to visualize a magnified view of the uterine cavity on a television monitor. At this point, the surgeon can inspect the entire uterine cavity and treat or biopsy any pathology. Below, is a description of the various surgeries that can be performed via the hysteroscope.

This pack contains:

– Vasellum Teals Uterine Curved 1:1 Tooth 24cm x 1
– Bonny Polypus forceps fine 24cm x 1
– Dental Syringe 2.2ml x 1
– Hegar Dilator 1/2 x 1
– Hegar dilator 3/4 x 1
– Hegar dilator 5/6 x 1
– Non – Woven Swabs 10x10cm x 5
– Crepe 75 x 90cm x 1
– Tray to suit
– Tray wrap 100 x 100 cm to cover trolly