Disposable Single Use Sterile Surgical IUCD Pack (without Metal Sound)



Single Use Disposable IUCD Pack without metal sound is a convenient coil fitting pack. Its contents are single use, removing the need for expensive and time-consuming sterilisation. A Single Use IUD Pack is designed for use in procedures to insert intrauterine coils. The instruments are manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel. Contents are wrapped in a sterile field and supplied in an easy-to-open way.

This pack contains:

1 x Mayo scissor curved scissor 18cm
1 x Rampley sponge holder 24cm
1 x Vulsellum teales uterine forceps curved 23cm teeth 3:4
1 x Cusco medium
1 x Tray with two pots
5 x Non-woven cotton balls x 5
1 x Towel dressing 43x 43cm
1 x Blue tissue paper 50x 50cm
1 x White drape 90x 90cm