Disposable Single Use Surgical HRT Implant Pack



The GPSS disposable sterile HRT Pack for Hormone Replacement Therapy is designed to help nurses and doctors reduce time in performing hormone implants. The HRT Pack eliminates both expensive sterilization costs and instrument cleaning costs.
The HRT pack contains all the necessary equipment for hormone implantation.

This HRT Pack consists of:

1 x Trocar and cannula
1 x B/P handle with 11 blade
1 x 5ml syringe luer slip
1 x Green needle 21 G x 1.5 luer slip
1 x Blue needle 23 G x1.25 luer slip
1 x Adson dissecting non toothed forceps
5 x Gauze swabs non woven 10 x 10cm 8 ply
1 x Fenestrated drape 76×90 cm with window 10x10cm
1 x Tray
1 x 60ml galipot
1 x Pair of gloves
1 x Wrap 75 x 75 cm