Disposable Single Use Sterile Dermatology Pack



GTIN-13 5060547750085

This procedure pack is used in dermatology to cut lumps and can be used for carpal tunnel decompression.

The pack contains:

1 x Iris Scissors Curved 12.5cm
1 x Neiverts Needle Holder
1 x Iris forceps tooth 12.5cm
1 x Adson tooth forceps
1 x Tenotomy scissors fine curved 11.5cm
1 x Gillies Skin Hook
1 x BP handle No 3
1 x No.15 Blade
1 x Fenestrated Aperture Drape 76x76cm
10 x Non-woven swan 10x 10cm
2 x  Hand towels
1 x Tray with integrated Gallipot
1 x Tray warp sterile Field