Disposable Single Use Sterile Vasectomy Pack




Single Use Disposable Vasectomy Pack is used during vasectomy procedures. The pack also contains dressing towels and gauze swabs. All instruments are manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel and supplied in a sterile pack. Instruments are wrapped in a sterile field and protect against cross infection. Single use packs are at a lower cost compared to reusable instruments.

The contents are

Vasectomy Packs GPSS 605
1. 2 x Mosquito Artery Forceps curved x 12.5 cm
2. 2 x Allis tissue forceps 2:3 15 cm
3. Fenestrated drape 75x75cm with 10 x10cm fenestration
4. Dressing pad 20 x 10cm
5. Non woven swab 10x10cm 4ply
6. Wrap to cover trolley 90 x90cm
7. Tray with integrated pots