Disposable Single Use Non Scalpel Vasectomy Pack (NSV)



Single Use Disposable Vasectomy (NSV) Pack is used during vasectomy procedures without scalpel. The pack also contains dressing towels and gauze swabs. All instruments are manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel and supplied in a sterile pack. Pack instruments are wrapped in a sterile fieldĀ and protect against cross infection. Single use packs are at a lower cost compared to reusable instruments. A vasectomy is an effective and safe method to permanently control conception of a child. It is done to men who no longer want to have kids or currently have medical conditions that may need the procedure. It is a low risk procedure and is more affordable than female ligation.

GPSS have the right tools to make sure that the procedure is done accurately and safely. We provide all necessary equipment for this procedure in our non scalpel vasectomy pack. We also provide Diathermy vasectomy needle electrodes.

The pack contains:

1 x Vasectomy forceps straight sharp 4mm diameter
1 x Hemostatic forceps sharp curved (extra sharp)
1 x Diathermy vasectomy sharp electrode tip (Shouco)
1 x Halstead Artery forceps curved 12.5cm
1 x Adson forceps toothed 13cm
1 x Kilner needle holder 12.5cm
1 x Rampley sponge Holder 18cm
1 x Stitch scissor fine spencer 14 cm
5 x Non Woven swab 10x10cm 4ply
3 x Drape 75x75cm
1 x PE Tissue 2 ply 90x90cm
1 x Gallipot 60ml
1 x Plastic tray